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  LNG Floating Regasification Unit (FRU)

 In April 2015, Pelindo Energi Logistik (PEL) in Indonesia contracted GAS Entec in Korea to build a floating regasification unit (FRU) in order to supply LNG to Bali LNG power plant. At that time, Pelindo initially planned to construct FSRU, however the timing for gas supply to the power plant was too tight to meet it had to build re-gasification unit first. GAS Entec has successfully delivered this 50mmscfd FRU to the ship-owner at the end of last March 2016 through the construction period of approximately 10 months. Then GAS Entec also has successfully completed about one month of local commissioning and currently it is commercially operating this FRU by supplying 1000 tons of re-gasified LNG to 200 MW power plant in Benoa port, Bali, Indonesia. Kangnam Corp. (KNC) in Korea which constructed the barge type FRU has successfully completed LNG gas trial test in cooperation with Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) as being a first small/medium size shipyard FRU to accomplish this achievement.


After GAS Entec’s successful delivery of this FRU, it appears that there has been an increasing number of the ship-owners who are inquiring about similar projects.
One set of LNG buffer tank and two sets of LNG feed pumps of submersible sump type have been separately installed in this power plant in Bali due to the nature of supplying a continuous fuel gas flow to the 200 MW power plant by operating a LNG feed pump for 24 hours a day. Unlike a conventional LNG terminal that unites regasification and storage facilities, GAS Entec has opted to build a separate FRU and FSU for the same client. This mini LNG concept has been chosen due to limited space and because larger ships are difficult to operate in Bali.
The FRU has a simple structure, due to the fact that the actual construction time is only 8 months excluding design time. Hence, low production cost and short delivery time are the advantages of the FRU. 

The main equipment installed on the FRU includes the following list of items:

  •   ■ LNG Buffer Tank : 3.0barg 400cbm x 1, Type-C
  •   ■ Forcing Vaporizer : 21,210Kg/Hr x 2, Steam direct type
  •   ■ BOG Compressor : 500M3/hr, 10barge x 2
  •   ■ LNG Feed Pump : 100M3/hr, 16barge x 2, Submersible sump type
  •   ■ Dual Fuel Boiler : 7.5t/hr x 2, Smoke Tube Vertical Boiler

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Mooring Arrangement

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