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  Floating Storage Unit (FSU)
FSU is an offshore structure which can store LNG. In other words, any structure can be considered as FSU in any form as far as it is afloat on the sea and is capable of storing LNG. In that sense LNG carrier can be used as a FSU, and a tank lorry can be called a FSU as long as it is mounted on top of barge and released a float. Main purpose of using FSU is to supply LNG safely to a regasification facility and occasionally to play a role as a temporary terminal in order to redistribute LNG cargo to small scale LNG carrier. Typically LNG FSU can be used in the several cases shown in the following examples.

1. LNG FSU can be used in the environment where LNG storage tank cannot be constructed on land.
Also it can be used in the project whose scale is not profitable when LNG storage tank is installed on land considering the construction cost of the land terminal. 
 < Source of Photo: BG Group Website>
2. LNG FSU can be used in case of utilizing an already existing and operating vessel as a replacement for FSU due to a tight construction schedule. The photograph on the left shows a 30K LNG carrier as an FSU moored in the 50mmscfd FRU which GAS Entec delivered to Bali Island, Indonesia
Source of Photo: Hoegh LNG Website>
  3. LNG FSU can be used in case an additional storage facility is need when operating a FSRU where large capacity regasification facility is mounted.
As for an FSU, typically LNG carrier with more than 30 years of age is considered. Hence, to use this kind of old ship as a replacement for FSU, the performance of the main equipment and the condition of LNG cargo tank must be considered as a priority.  Additionally, evacuation sailing plans must be provided (tug boat or self-propulsion) if the area is affected by the typhoon or hurricane. 

For small and medium size projects where FSU of adequate capacity cannot be readily available, even a recently constructed LNG carrier can be used as a FSU.  If the given charter rate, it is more economical to construct FSU than to construct LNGC. The 26K FSU project of which the engineering contract has been awarded to GAS Entec on July of 2015 does definitely fall onto this case.

The above model is a FSU that GAS Entec has designed. This FSU is comprised of 2 sets of membrane type LNG cargo tanks with 13,000cbm for each tank. Electric power generator and cargo pump can be regarded as major equipment of this FSU, and the construction period for this FSU is expected to be approximately 24 months. A detailed specification of the FSU is shown as follows: 
■ Dimension : LOA 110.1 m/ Breadth 29.9 m/ Depth 15.7 m
■ LNG Storage Tank : 2 x 13,000m3
■ CCS : MK-III Membrane type
■ Cargo Handling Equipment
- Main CP : 4sets (2sets/ tank), 200 m3/hr, 155 mlc
- Stripping/Spray pump : 2sets (1set/ tank), 50 m3/hr, 155 mlc
- Return gas compressor : 2 x 6,700 m3/hr