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Date : 16-03-18 13:09
MOU for the engine retrofitting project for City of Busan
 Writer : GasEntec
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   News_Release_English_BS_MOU_r0.pdf (353.2K) [5] DATE : 2016-03-18 13:10:55
MOU for the engine retrofitting project for City of Busan

City of Busan made great step forward to go green Busan with reducing harmful emission from ships. 
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Feb 23rd at the City Hall, KOGAS (Korea Gas Corporation), GAS Entec, Samjin Yard Co and 
other partners had signed in MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the Clean Fuel for Ships. 
Since the PM (Particulate Matter) from ships takes over 24% of all PM emission in the Port, City of Busan starts to plan to convert the conventional ship fuel to economical and low emission fuel ‘LNG’. 

Because of the easiness of the project financial from governmental project compare to civilian project, the city will proceed with its Fishing Guidance Ship ‘Busan-232 (9.77 tons)’ and ‘Environment Surveillance Ship ‘Busan-503’ (118 tons) which engines are using low sulfur diesel fuel and will convert those engines to LNG fuelled engine. After the evaluation on environmental, safety and economical effect has been done, the city will expand this project to civilian applications. 

As this is the first engine retrofit project for using LNG fuel in Korea, it will be expected for earning LNG engine retrofitting skills, environmental friendly port development and economic benefit for government and civilian aspect.