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Date : 16-03-24 20:22
Successful Delivery of the First Small FRU
 Writer : GasEntec
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GAS Entec: Successful Delivery of the First Small FRU



GAS Entec, a specialized LNG engineering company in Korea, has delivered the 50mmscfd Floating Regasification 

Unit (FRU) to the ship-owner on 22nd of March, 2016. This FRU contract was awarded from Pelindo Energi Logistik (PEL), Indonesia at the start of last year, and it took about 10 months to construct this FRU.

FRU_GAS-Trial_1.png    FRU_Launching_2.png

GAS Entec ordered construction of the FRU to Kangnam Corporation (KNC). KNC has earned very valuable 

achievements from constructing the LNG FRU as a Korea’s first small/medium scale shipyard and from successful 

completion of the gas trial.

Especially in the Gas trial for the FRU, the full functional test has been successfully completed by feeding LNG 

from 400 cbm capacity LNG buffer tank mounted on the barge type FRU through the pump and to the vaporizer 

for re-gasification function producing natural gas as fuel for the power plant.

This renowned FRU project which has been a famous topic among domestic and foreign LNG industries since the 

inception of the contract awarding is the 46meter Floating Re-Gasification Unit as the first small FRU ever built by small/medium sized shipyard. This FRU will be installed in Benoa Port, Bali Island, Indonesia at the end of March, 

2016 and it is expected to provide approximately 1,000 TPD (tons per day) of gasified natural gas to the local 

power plant after successful Final Performance Test.

Typically FRU has short construction period and it has much lower construction cost compared to FSRU. Due to 

these FRU’s advantages over FSRU, LNG ship-owners who were reluctant to place new orders for LNG FSRU have

shown great interest in FRU. Also from the perspective of small/mid size shipyard such as KNC, this FRU is 

expected to become a commercially attractive niche market. One official from KNC mentioned, “We are currently 

overwhelmed by many incoming inquiries from all around the world and this small/mid scale FRU is greatly 

expected to rise as a new business model for future market demand.”