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Date : 17-10-20 16:49
GAS Entec, Engineering Service Contract awarded from Woodside
 Writer : GasEntec
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GAS Entec made a FEED Service contract about FRU with the global energy group name “Woodside Company” at the first period of October. The recent contract is about Basic Conceptual Design Engineering Service which includes small and medium-scaled LNG vaporization plant which Woodside examining. Based on the experience and know-how the company gained so far, GAS Entec will apply the optimal solution to provide Woodside the Engineering Service.

FRU vaporization capacity that will be apply to this project have various range that is capable of covering 50MW to 300MW-scaled power plant, and the project will provide two solutions of Steam Heating and Sea Water/Glycol Heating System to the Heat Medium of carburetor so operating people can choose which solution to use depending on the management environment.

For last several years, FSRU-based LNG Terminal project business was led by energy majors based on the large-scaled Power Plant demand, but the number of tenders about small and medium-scaled FSRU by island countries like Indonesia is increasing recently. Because of this, it seems like that energy majors started getting interested in this, thus GAS Entec expects to have an active exchange activities between energy majors starting with Woodside by the recent engineering Service contract.