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Date : 18-03-13 14:23
GAS Entec, Contracted to Export LNG Re-Gas Package for Powerships
 Writer : GasEntec
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New Release 2018.02.19

Title: GAS Entec Contracted to Export LNG Re-Gas Package for Powerships

GAS Entec Co., Ltd. announced that it has received an order for LNG regasification plants from Turkey's power generation company. GAS Entec has been selected as a supplier for the regasification unit installed on the Powerships constructed by Karpowership and signed the contract for the first three orders at the end of January, and the execution of the three option contracts will be implemented within this year.

 He said “Karpowership is the largest floating power plant fleet owner in the world supplying 100MW ~ 450MW class of Powerships to various countries. Karpowership has 15 Powerships in operations with 3000MW installed capacity. In recent years, Karpowership started to develop Floating Regasification Unit and re-gas unit additions to their existing Powerships to make them suitable for LNG intake directly from LNG storage vessel. Liquid fuel operated power generation system is also actively undergoing a change to LNG. Also Floating Regasification Unit (FRU) supplied by GAS Entec to Bali, Indonesia has been successfully operating for more than one and half year. These are the fact that Karpowership has selected GAS Entec as the re-gas package supplier with Dongwha Entec who manufactured the main equipment of the FRU.”

 GAS Entec will supply the LNG Re-Gas Package as a compact room type unit, and it is movable and easy to install. Even it is similar to existing conventional FRU, it is an innovative work that requires a lot of effort in terms of design. They made sure that they would carry out the project successfully through thorough design verification and quality control.


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